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Flippin’ Awesome Builders is a comprehensive idea, design, and fabrication service for both residential and commercial spaces. Our passion is for creating flippin’ awesome spaces and stuff. Our workshop + studio is located in Valley Center, CA but we work with clients just about anywhere.

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    • The Flippin Awesome Barn is going solar! Almost finished installinghellip
    • Loving the existing concrete floors in this barntoguesthouse conversion wehellip
    • Im still not convinced concrete is even needed on thishellip
    • We love designing kitchens! The balance between function and aestheticshellip
    • Stamped plans  go time! Got the green light onhellip
    • Working on the rotten teenagers  bedroom design Very smallhellip
    • Permit day! flippinawesoneprojects flippinawesomebuilders weareFAB buildingstuff construction
    • I volunteered to build something for a group doing goodhellip
    • Looking forward to watching boiseboys on HGTV! They do somehellip
    • tbt to our Callejo Project renovation Nothing a little concretehellip
    • I wanted the smooth side out so if you needhellip
    • wood  white is never a bad idea We alwayshellip
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