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What we do. It depends on the project. We work with homeowners and business owners. Somedays we build furniture and somedays we build houses. We renovate Airstreams. We have a passion for fitness. We drink a lot of coffee. We love to collobrate with other creatives. We think dogs are the best.

Why we do it. We are passionate about our craft. We think creativity and experimentation are where the magic happens. We love hard work. We like to be unique. We think character is pretty important. If you and your home or business have loads of it we want to work with you.

Flippin’ Awesome Builders is a comprehensive idea, design, and fabrication service for both residential and commercial spaces. Our passion is for creating flippin’ awesome spaces and stuff. Our workshop + studio is located in Valley Center, CA but we work with clients just about anywhere. Have a project you want to bounce off us? We love emails. Send us one at




erin kortum

co-founder, the make it pretty, flowmaster, photographer, the big ideas

kelsey kortum

co-founder, the make it work, builder, head coffee maker, the mad skills

huck finn

project supervisor, head of security, afraid of power tools



Say hello.

We love getting emails. It’s our favorite! Send us an email about your project, we would love to connect. Don’t have a project yet but want to say hi? We love those emails too.

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